Abstract jealousy

sobota, září 20, 2014

Recently, when sitting tiredly in a tram, my attention was caught by a sprayed quote: 

“I´m jealous of how you loved me 25 years ago.” 

The words seem so clear and uncovered but still veiling something untold. With jealousy we tend to possess things and people and we call it LOVE. But being jealous on oneself is something I have never thouht about! The feeling has been suddenly becaming more poetical and less fixed to an object. The emotion has got a new dimension and is moving us from a negative to a neutral experience what is giving us enough space for our own imagination and for projecting our individualities in perceiving the message.

It happened in a bright moment of looking around when the moment was pretty fast and I was pretty slow to snap it.  Although it might be quite a good reflection written on this topic and on the velvet revolution what is also the main message of the quote, I won´t let busy with analysing it. I´ll better share some of the moments I managed to catch... ;-)

Lesser Town Prague.

A path to the Castle.

Prokop valley in the mist.
First tulips.

Petřín park.

The Apocalypse.

Kinsky gardens.

Corn poppy by the carpark.

True or False in Prokop valley...

In Chuchelský háj.

By Chuchelský háj.

Rainy summer.

Evening jogging.

Petřín rock garden.

May dizziness.

City which has slowly changed from a place of meetings into a town of passing...

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